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I write a lot of Glee fan fiction. You're probably here to read it. It can be found here.

This journal is used for talking about Glee, and my life, and other random things. The fic doesn't really get posted here, but I do talk about it.

If you friend me I'll friend you back. You don't need to comment, but you could tell me how you found me.

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kurt is amazing
LiveJournal used to mean something. It used to be so awesome. I remember in college, writing about my day, and all my friends had LJs too, and it was freaking awesome. Because of LJ, I have the best times of my life preserved, to be read about later. It's been a long time since LJ has had any real soul. Since it's been about connecting with real people. Granted, LJ still has its place - ohnotheydidnt is pretty close to taking over the world, and for fandom stuff, there's nowhere else as good as here. My point is that I'm here for the fanfiction, and that's about it. Because if I was here for anything else, I'd be sorely disappointed.

Speaking of fan fiction, I've had no inspiration lately. None. At all. Well, not for Glee. As I mentioned before, I've become rather addicted to Prison Break. Of course, the show's been off the air for a little while so the fandom's rather dead, but there's still a good amount of fic to sift through. And I will probably write my own. And it will be so exciting.

Point is, I'm not even really sure what to use this journal for anymore. I think I'm just going to lock it up, and use my old journal, the one I updated for seven years, to read communities and such. If anyone is so desperately attached to me that they need to keep in touch with me no matter what, let me know. Otherwise, I'll see you later.

Glee fanfic directory
Winn - Mashup
I am starting to write a bunch of Glee fan fiction, and I keep posting it in different communities, because it doesn't all belong in the darling community I founded, winnners. Anyway, it's getting confusing, so I'm going to just sort of list it all here.

If you have an idea for something you'd like me to write, let me know here


We Build Then We Break, PG-13
Alternate time line. Remember, in the Pilot, when Will decided to leave McKinley to become an accountant because his wife was pregnant? He really did that. Now it's five years later, and he's still an accountant. Finn dropped out of high school to help Quinn raise her baby, and he's a janitor in Will's office building.

Chapter 1 - When the Night Falls On You
Chapter 2 - Come On and Talk To Me Now
Chapter 3 - Let Me See You Through
Chapter 4 - When You're Standing at the Crossroads
Epilogue - I'll Stand By You

Guys Talking About Feelings, Will/Finn, PG-13. Part of a completely melodramatic universe in which Finn's mom has an abusive boyfriend and Finn gets kicked out of the house and turns to Will for support.

The Micro-fic Meme, rated R. 10 tiny fics from each genre.

By Your Side, rated PG-13. Finn finds out about the true paternity of his child, hurt/comfort and schmoop ensue, written for the prompt "cereal" and only because I'm a really good friend. This will give you a cavity.

Finn's Furry Little Problem, rated PG-13. The one where Finn is a werewolf. Crack, obviously.
Part Two
Part Three (Warning: this chapter includes mpreg)

You and I Are Changing, rated PG-13. Will and Finn, over the course of a year.

Taking Chances: Will/Finn, gets up to R. Honestly can't think of a summary. Will and Finn get together. Covers the events of Acafellas and Preggers.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Start Again, Kurt/Puck, Will/Finn, PG-13. In the "Taking Chances" Universe. In which Puck wants Will and Finn's help getting Kurt.

Kurt/Puck, for reals

On Not Being an Asshole, PG-13. Probably the closest I've come to a humor fic, just because writing Puck is kinda like that for me.

Treading Lightly, PG-13. Really wanted to write Puck as a caring person, but keeping him in character. I also wanted to write something subdued. Warning: plenty of mentions of having an eating disorder


Three Part Harmony, PG-13. Short, almost plotless - basically, a study of how the three of them could be a couple.


She's Just the Girl for Me, R, in progress
Alternate Universe. While auditioning for a vocal group at his new college, Finn is instantly attracted to a confident soprano, Kate. He soon learns that Kate used to be called Kurt, and that she is trangendered. This is their story.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

How impossible, our simplicity, PG-13. Finn and Kurt have been online friends forever, but never knew who each other were. And they call each other by Harry Potter names.

Gentle Giant. PG. Kurt has had a crush on Finn for a long time, and understands him better than anyone else.

The Rules. PG-13. Second person, watch out. Finn has always played by the rules, but it's never really worked out well for him.

Just You, PG-13. A fic in which Kurt is Finn's new best friend, and it's Christmas.

Swatch Board, PG-13. After the events of "Theatricality" things aren't quite perfect. This is pre-slash at best, and will probably turn into Kurt/Mike.


Paul McCartney is a Pretty Smart Guy, R for cursing. Post-Sectionals. Puck wants to get his best friend back.


Those Things About You, PG-13 or so. It's basically fluff, around the time of Wheels.


The Bravery, PG-13. Mike has had a crush on Kurt all year. A look inside his head.

General/Character Studies

21 Things, Every Glee pairing, rated R. I wrote 150 words or so for every single Glee pairing I could think of. Which was quite difficult.
6 More Things, rated R. The pairings I forgot the first time. There are so mannyyyy

What He's Got, Artie, PG. My response to people always portraying Artie as pathetic and weak because he's in a wheelchair. From the prompt "guitar."

Eight Times the Glee Club Thought Mr Schuester Was an Okay Guy, All Things Considered, pretty much all the characters, PG-13. Each character had a time when they thought Mr Schu was kinda awesome. Because Will needs more love!

Do You Want to Know a Secret, all the characters, PG-13. What they like about being in Glee Club

Noah Puckerman is a Stud who will have Sex with Anyone, probably R for mentions of strange sexual acts. A conversation between Mark Salling and Chris Colfer, in which Mark slashes everyone.

Prompt Meme Ficlets
I wrote Finn/Kurt, Will/Finn, and Will/Finn/Puck/Rachel/Quinn ficlets which can be found HERE (I'm too lazy to link them individually again)


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